Ključna dejstva

Vodotesna masa na osnovi polimerov

Ceresit CP 1

Vodotesna masa na osnovi polimerov Ceresit CP 1 – INOVACIJA!

  • bela 2K vodotesna masa na osnovi aktivnih polimerov
  • brez bitumna
  • odporna na dež po 5 urah
  • za hidroizolacijo vseh vertikalnih in horizontalnih površin
  • tudi za površine, ki se stikajo z zemljo
  • za hidroizolacijo temeljev, kleti, teras, itd...
  • Specifična teža: 0,88 kg/l
  • Delovna temperatura: od +5°C do +30°C
  • Čas uporabe: do 5 ur
  • Mešalno razmerje: -
  • Pakiranje: komponenta A (18,7l - vedro) + komponenta B (9,3kg - vre~a) / A+B=26l
  • Poraba: od 3,3 do 4,4 l /m2
  • Posebnosti:
    • odporna na dež po 5 urah
    • visoko fl eksibilna in odporna na razpoke (širine do 3,5 mm)
    • nizek odstotek krčenja (približno 8%)
    • širok spekter uporabe
    • lahka in čista za uporabo, brez vonja in brez topil




Ceresit CP 1 Polydicht – komponenta A, 18,7 l

                                        - komponenta B, 9,3 kg



Korak po korak

Priprava površine

The substrates must be even, firm, load-bearing, clean, dry or slightly damp, ice-free and free of dust and substances that would impair the adhesion (e. g. release agents). Edges must be chamfered. Curve all inner corners with a hollow mould produced with cement mortar (radius at least 4 cm). On dry substrates Primer CT 17 must be applied and allowed to dry before applying CP 1; see CT 17 technical data sheet application details. CP1 can be applied to slighty damp substrates without primer CT 17.


For mixing the components of CP 1, use a slow-rotating drill (approx. 400–600 rpm), preferably equipped with an anchor stirrer. First, stir the liquid component briefly. Then add the entire powder to the liquid component and mix until the homogeneous, lumpfree mass is ready. Mixing time should be at least 2 minutes. Apply a uniform layer of CP 1 using a trowel. Alternatively, CP 1 can also be sprayed. For detailed information contact our advisory service.